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Dr. Pace's CD:
Tests, Learning, Talent: Slaying Dragons

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SAT® Test Preparation

Many factors affect how students perform on the SAT® exam. These factors can be divided into two groups:

 SAT® Retreat:
Integrates Faith and Academics

Courses that deal with SAT® academics are common. However, programs that offer real help with the non-academic factors are not generally available, even though these factors significantly affect performance by robbing test takers of the clarity they need to access and use stored information. Popular test-prep seminars and books at best only superficially mention non-academic factors. For example, "Don't be nervous" is good but useless advice unless students are guided through the actual steps of "how" not to be nervous. Dr. Pace's diverse fields of expertise have placed her in a unique position to apply specific holistic techniques to address the host of difficulties students bring to high-stakes tests. Thus, in addition to introducing a remarkably powerful approach to SAT® Math and English, the SAT® Retreat component of the seminar effectively treats the non-academic factors.

This program has won the approval of students and has earned them significant point increases! See testimonies and point increases below.

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Dr. Pace's Unique Approach includes:

Read Dr. Pace's Published Response in the Wall Street Journal (6/3/09)
"Tests Measure Many Things and Prepping Can Help"

Testimonies for SAT® Seminars:

"Dr. Pace truly has the ability to infuse children with the deep desire to learn. Specifically, her SAT Essay class helped me write a quality essay in a way a book alone could not. Whether it is getting a scholarship or being accepted into the school of your choice or just expanding your intellectual ability, Dr. Pace can make a difference!" - Kacie Farrell, Mount St. Joseph's Academy Class of 2011, Accepted into Johns Hopkins Program for Gifted Students

"Whether you have a low score on the SATs and need a higher score for a scholarship or you have a high score and need an even higher score to get into an Ivy League university, Dr. Pace's seminars will help you. Dr. Pace teachers her students of all skill levels a new way to think and she teaches tricks for fine-tuning those standardize test taking skills. Taking Dr. Pace's classes is definitely a profitable venture, as I know from experience. Your SAT scores will increase and that means more $$, much more than you are actually paying for the classes."
- Gerry Campion, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2007, North Catholic High School Class of 2003

"Your SAT classes were a great help to me, both with the test and especially your analysis of its design. You helped me realize that much more important than the answer to 'Which is the right choice?' is the question, 'What is the correct way of looking at the problem?'  It was a pivotal moment in my life and career as a designer and engineer." - Jesse Battaglia, design engineer

"I would like to thank Dr. Pace for her help throughout the years. With the help of Dr. Pace, I was able to break through barriers, especially in my verbal score. The classes I took with Dr. Pace were very worthwhile and benefited me very well."
- Michael Campion, LaSalle University, North Catholic High School Class of 2005

"I am writing this to thank you very sincerely for all the help you have given me over the past eight years.  Without your guidance and expertise, I would definitely not have gotten to where I am today.  I want to thank you for the countless seminars and weekend "Whiz Kids" classes.  All these extra hours of study have truly helped me out more than I could have ever imagined at the time.  Those thick vocabulary packets have helped me get a 710 in verbal on the SATs (only a few points short of my 800 goal), and the extra algebra and geometry lessons helped me get a 630 in math.  My score helped me get into Saint Joseph's University with a scholarship, which I plan to attend this fall.  Again, I want to thank you so much for all you have done for me in the past.  You have made such an impact on my life.  I really appreciate it and I know I could never have gotten into my top choice college without your help.  Thank you for being such an influential person and teacher."
- Lizzie Diem, Saint Joseph's University, St. Basil's Academy Class of 2005

"The SAT Workshops really helped me learn how to approach the seemingly endless barrage of hard questions on the SAT. To be more precise, the seemingly endless barrage of hard questions on any test was considerably lightened. I would highly recommend these workshops, even if you aren't going to take the SAT. They really helped in my classes, particularly on the High School Entrance Tests and in my English and math tests. They also helped me look at a new approach to solving different kinds of problems, which I use very often. And, of course, they made the SAT seem a little less daunting than it formerly did." - Melanie Sweeney, Nazareth Academy Class of 2011, Johns Hopkins Candidate, Academic Scholarship winner

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