Dr. Pace Test Prep/Decision


Decision-Making Techniques for Families,
Couples, Teachers and Individuals Overview

Learn how to:


"Experiencing the Decision-Making seminar has given me a much needed, fresh perspective in how to approach problem-solving. Learning and sharing in a group of bright and compassionate women has opened my eyes to a new spiritual path that I am eager to explore. Dr. Pace is a truly gifted facilitator!" - Peg McHugh, School Counselor

"This workshop helped me to discern the movements and workings of God in my life. It was a time to see, hear, and reflect the awesomeness of our God." - Dotty Fox, Maternity B.V.M. School Kindergarten Teacher

"By taking this workshop, you allow yourself the time to focus on a life-changing decision. Looking at the different facets in Ignatian decision-making gives you an enlightened perspective." - Helen Hrynluk