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Discernment of Spirits and Consciousness Examen Overview

The class offers both a teaching and a practicum so that participants can implement these valuable spiritual tools that for centuries have helped people deepen their awareness of God intimately working in their lives. The class meets for an hour and a half each week for five weeks, usually during Lent.

The materials used in this workshop are:

Dr. Pace offers Discernment of Spirits and Consciousness Examen both for a general audience and as a course directed to education professionals. The course for educators is adapted to help teachers, principals, and counselors deal with the internal and external challenges that thwart classroom learning.

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"Anyone who desires a serious relationship with God will find this series as a very practical and effective means of gaining an awareness of God's presence in everyday life." 
- Sr. Mary Virginia Quinn, IHM

"There are few options for adults to explore and learn about their faith. It is a blessing that Philadelphia has such a good one in Dr. Pace."
- Dave Maynard, Public Policy Analyst

"The Lenten series was very healing for me. It made clear to me God's desire to embrace me and it helped me let go a bit of my fallback position of criticizing myself when I did something wrong. It moved me one step closer to accepting myself just as I am, imperfections and all."
- Caroline Horstmann

"I believe it would help so many parents."
- Grace Kergides, grandmother

"I believe there is a need for more such series for adults."
- Cathi Capriotti, parent


Please call 215-725-6568 for more information or to register for any program.