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Dr. Pace's CD:
Tests, Learning, Talent: Slaying Dragons

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Dragon Slayer Series Overview

Slaying the Dragons of Standardized Tests

A healthy, holistic, retreat approach to standardized test-taking that teaches students how to perform at their personal best in difficult situations.

This unique program helps students develop their general critical thinking ability—by preparing body, emotions, spirit, and mind—and then aims that skill directly at standardized test problems.

The Dragon Slayer Series is now offered at three levels:

Proven Results from the High School Entrance and Scholarship Edition:

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Example students who took both the HSPT/TerraNova and the Dragon Slayer Programs:


"Dr. Pace provided a practical balance to spiritual and cognitive readiness for my son. This course also afforded us opportunities for spiritual discussions that were helpful and valuable beyond testing." - Dr. Nadine Garvin, Principal of Bridge Valley Elementary

"Dr. Pace presents holistic learning in a way that junior high school students can embrace and certainly utilize. I loved this program." - Linda Gurt, Nazareth Academy Counseling Department

"Dr. Pace's holistic approach--dealing with food, posture, and prayer--reinforces my beliefs that I share with my grand-daughter. She is now hearing it from a professional and realizes that preparation for a test involves more than academic strategies. I would definitely recommend Slaying the Dragons." - Anna Maria Bintliff, Retired Interpreter

"Dr. Pace's program was very insightful. It made us recognize many everyday forces that hinder our focus and energy. Kiera and I will continue to utilize all that we have learned. Thank you!" - Christine Vincent, Philadelphia Police Officer

"The mind, body, spirit approach to test taking should be taught in every school. It is such a positive way of thinking that children should learn early in life. It not only prepares them for high school test taking, but all tests in life." - Mrs. Marlene Rossman and Sarah, Lansdale, Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary

"A great way to learn how to relax and not think of tests as the enemy." - Mrs Kathy Yoast and Regina, Glenside, PA

"Slaying the Dragons provides a neutral forum for parents and children to focus on their learning styles away from the normal day-to-day pressures and technologies that can be so distracting." - Mrs. Dorothy Iovannone and Matthew, Mullica Hills, NJ
"Dr. Pace gives my child the tools to be a confident test-taker. Her approach is very thorough, inspiring, and it makes sense!"  - Mr. Dave Kraynick and Stephanie, Glenside, PA
"I would encourage parents and their children to take this course. It's not only academic but also an opportunity for parents to learn how they can help their children prepare for a successful test-taking experience." -  Mrs. Kim Norton and Devin, Yardley, PA
"I feel that the program as a whole was helpful. Each section that we covered provided me an insight that wasn't apparent before. Spiritual health and unhelpful emotions are areas that we don't always consider when taking tests, and I appreciate Dr. Pace's guidance."  - Mrs. Patti Duff and Patrick, Ardsley, PA

"Dr. Pace’s course offered insight into many factors in our life that affect personal best performance. I found it helpful to discuss these topics in class. Dr. Pace gave good strategies and techniques to help deal with these issues. Also, my daughter and I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the program together."- Mrs. Terri Wernly, Lansdale Alyson Wernly won a partial scholarship to Lansdale Catholic HS

"Dr. Pace has the gift to approach test-taking and learning in a holistic manner. She understands that this approach is important to help our children be their best in all aspects of testing, education, and life. " - Mrs. Susan Brown, Philadelphia

"I feel this course encompasses the many aspects of doing one's best, not just for tests but for other areas of life. I think my daughter will be more calm and confident when she encounters life's challenges. " - Mrs. Judy Tarzian, Philadelphia

"The holistic approach in teaching test taking techniques is very unique--something our children don't normally find in the classroom. Learning how to use our thoughts, emotions, and prayers to positively enhance the test taking experience is invaluable. Highly recommended!" - Wendy Parsons, Jenkintown - Abby Parsons, accepted into The Mount

"Dr. Pace charters new territory in test preparation. Helping your child identify some of the "emotional dragons" preventing personal best achievement is invaluable. This holistic approach has application in all aspects of life and it was particularly helpful to share the experience with my son. Thank you Dr. Pace." - Sheila Amrhein, Philadelphia

"Overall, I feel that if there is any way I can help my daughter succeed, I am willing to learn it. This program enlightened me and my daughter about the emotional and physical aspects of test-taking. As a result, we were able to get on the same page and this lessened our anxiety over the whole process of test-taking. I would recommend this program to others because it gave me the opportunity to de-stress and also be a part of my daughter’s academic life. " - Mary McAllister, Huntingdon Valley

"This program offers a collaborative experience for both parent and child. As such, children can see that their parents are “invested” in the test preparation process." - Joe Larkin, Rydal

"Both our daughters have taken Dr. Pace's class. We believe it is the best gift we can give them as they enter this phase of their lives. The program is educationally helpful and spiritually insightful." - Mrs. Bonnie Tiffany, Blue Bell

"This program helps us handle many of the emotions that arise during testing by giving helpful strategies to stay "cool under pressure." It puts the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of us into perspective and shows how to prevent unhelpful behaviors from sabotaging performance." - Mrs. Jessica Stickley, Philadelphia - Howard Stickley, North Catholic Class of 2012
Full Scholarship to North + 3500 per year to Roman

"Dr. Pace's class not only helped my son in preparing for tests but she also helped the parents as they prepare with their children to take tests."  - Colleen Haviland, Huntingdon Valley

"Even though this is practical information, it is powerful. I believe my child will benefit enormously! She will be better prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually after taking this class. Knowing God wants you to do well is another gift and force to assist you in performing well in standardized tests."  -Irene Coyle, Philadelphia

"This was a very helpful experience. It really helped my daughter to look at the things around her that affect her performance."  - Katie Kelly, Glenside

"Slaying the Dragons has given my child the confidence he has needed to take standardized tests."  - Kathleen McHugh, Jenkintown

"At first, I thought Dr. Pace would not help me at all, but as the class went on and my test scores soared I realized how much her teaching really helped me. Also she taught me how to relax myself and take my time; somehow by taking my time I was able to finish the entire exam on every one of the tests I took. You will find that Dr. Pace is a great teacher who really prepares you for the tests in the fall, and all the other tests that you take in life."- Richard Brazukas, LaSalle College High School Class of 2011

"With Dr. Pace's helpful classes, I have been accepted to St. Basil Academy and exceeded my goal score on my TerraNova test. I truly believe that without her classes I would have had a really tough time with all my testing. Not only does Dr. Pace teach, train, and prepare, but she inspires children of all ages to want to learn." - Joanne Savidge, St. Basil Academy Class of 2011

"The Dragon Slayer program was useful. I know plenty of kids who are extremely insecure about test-taking. They compensate by cheating, usually. This program battles that. It gives you helpful hints and ideas to help boost your brain power before a test, as well as preparation to calm yourself. It helps to create confidence that is not only useful in the classroom, but also useful in many other things. It also helps for when you are getting ready for a performance, such as a recital. It has helped me." - Melanie Sweeney, Johns Hopkins Talent Search Candidate - Music Scholarships to both Nazareth Academy and Mount St. Joseph's Academy