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High School Entrance Test Seminar Overview

This comprehensive test prep seminar is ideal for 7th and 8th grade students who are considering applying to any of the Philadelphia area private academies, public schools, and archdiocesan high schools that administer entrance and scholarship tests. Course material covers the most popular standardized tests used for entrance, tracking, and academic scholarships. In addition to teaching both the fundamental and advanced academic material essential for doing well in the highly competitive arena of high school scholarships, Dr. Pace also uses her considerable skills to help her students deal with non-academic factors that influence performance, such as test anxiety and distractions.

Dr. Pace offers several different HSPT/TerraNova Seminars and High School Entrance (HSPT)  throughout the year:

TerraNova and HSPT one-day Academic Seminars

One-day programs with comprehensive coverage of Cognitive, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Language Arts

HSPT Intensive Academic Seminar

A one-week program in the summer. Comprehensive coverage of Cognitive, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Language Arts

HSPT Sundays Academic Seminar

A weekly program with comprehensive coverage of Cognitive, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Language Arts

Slaying the Dragons of Standardized Tests for Students and their Parents

Generally offered and designed to be taken in conjunction with HSPT/TerraNova Intensive Academic Seminar or After School Seminar. Techniques to deal with non-academic factors—such as test anxiety, distractions, fatigue, lack of confidence, and stress—that influence test performance

HSPT/TerraNova Information Night for Parents and Students

Come and learn about the HSPT/TerraNova Program in this free information night. Dr. Pace will personally describe the program, including the new non-academic seminar, Slaying the Dragons of Standardized Tests, that addresses techniques to deal with the non-academic factors that influence your child's test performance. She will answer any questions you might have about the many ways this program helps elementary school students.

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"Jessica and Kyle Eng gained tremendously in terms of knowledge from your programs. You are doing a wonderful job! Your programs are simply the BEST! - bar none. We are fortunate that you give courses in this area as I know, sometimes to seek out the best, one would have to travel very far, but not in this case. So thanks again for offering your knowledge, skills and experience to Jessica (for the SAT) and Kyle Eng (for the HSPT). We will be using your services more down the road."                                                                                                          -   Mr. Jim Eng

" Dr. Pace, I wanted to again thank you for your wonderful class.. I really feel Evan benefited from taking it! I will surely be enrolling my Eleanor (grade 6) in your courses in the future. I wanted to also let you know Evan has won a $4,000.00 scholarship to Lansdale Catholic, The Presidential four year half-tuition scholarship to Archbishop Wood, and The Neumann Scholarship. Thank you again." - Michele Studley

"Last summer, my friend told me she was taking Dr. Pace's class to help her with the high school entrance tests. My family and I thought it would be helpful for me to take the course as well. I really believe that Dr. Pace helped me to gain confidence and understand the best techniques to improve test scores. When I took the tests in the fall, I was familiar with the material and felt prepared. I thank Dr. Pace for helping me win a scholarship to Little Flower and the Neumann Scholarship."  
- Kayla Gallagher, St. Cecilia School, Little Flower, Class of 2013

"Shane received a perfect score on North Catholic's Entrance Test, and he attributes his score to your program, Dr. Pace! North awarded Shane a full scholarship, and he will be among North's graduating class of 2012." - Ms. Killion

"This past summer, I took Dr. Pace's HSPT/TerraNova academic classes. Even though at first I thought it was going to be a waste of time on a beautiful summer day, I was wrong. Dr. Pace, in a way, changed my entire life. I did not know this until after I was eligible for the Neumann Scholarship, accepted to St. Basil Academy, and also Nazareth Academy. Dr. Pace showed me different skills and tricks that helped me get high grades on my TerraNova and the entrance exams for both academies. I owe Dr. Pace total thanks because for the next four years, I will be gladly attending St. Basil Academy!!" - Reagan McCloskey, St. Basil Academy Class of 2011

"Dr. Pace supplemented what I learned in my school and taught me new ways to figure out problems. When the time came for me to take the high school entrance tests, I felt more comfortable and more prepared because I participated in Dr. Pace's summer program. " - Grace Cochrane, 8th Grade, Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award Recipient Grand Prize Winner, American Heritage Federal Credit Union Essay Contest

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience Nicole had while taking your High School entrance test course. Nicole was able to choose St. Basil as her next educational step. I believe this was due in large part to the confidence she had after taking your course. Nicole was accepted at all four of the Academies she applied to and was able to choose her own path. Once again thank you for the work you have done with Nicole, and we will see you next summer when Billy will be attending your course." - Mr. Bill Rubin

"The High School Prep course was a big help when it came to the entrance tests. It prepared the class mentally for what was coming ahead of us. We went over many crucial things that our brains had seem to have forgotten over the year, and I believe that it even helped some people understand certain parts of our education further." - Melanie Sweeney, Nazareth Academy Class of 2011,
Johns Hopkins Candidate, Academic Scholarship winner

"Our daughter, Christine McLane, is a current 8th grade student at St. Cecilia School in Fox Chase. She attended your Whiz Kids program and your HSPT prep class. I wanted to inform you that Christine was accepted to Nazareth Academy and St. Basil Academy. Her performance scores and her performance ratings on the entrance exams were extremely high. She was awarded a $6,000 scholarship to St. Basil Academy due to her high scores. Christine also sat for the scholarship exam at Little Flower High School and was awarded a $14,000 scholarship for her academic performance on the exam. We wanted to share this great news and to thank you for your wonderful prep classes. We feel that your guidance and instruction assisted Christine in achieving her goals. Christine will definitely be attending more of your classes throughout her high school years. Thank you so much!" - Robert, Dottie and Christine McLane, St. Basil Academy Class of 2012