Dr. Pace Test Prep/Ignation Groups


Ignatian Group Meditation Overview

For people who have completed the Discernment/Examen workshop, this prayer group offers adults and young adults the opportunity to further explore Ignatian Spirituality within a prayer group format.  Members gather periodically throughout the year and pray Gospel passages using an Ignatian meditation technique adapted for groups by Dr. Pace.  Ignation


"I have been a member of Dr. Pace’s prayer group for many years, and now my husband Jason and I attend meetings as often as we can. The prayer has me constantly discovering new and beautiful things about God, myself, and others! Over the years, it has helped me as an individual to develop a strong spirituality and better understand God’s path for me. It has also greatly enriched my relationship with my husband bringing us closer to each other every time we attend!"
- Cathy Owens

"Participation in Dr. Pace's prayer group has improved my ability to meditate."
- Julie Michel

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but my expectations were more than met! I feel more alive in my faith."
- Lois Splendor, Director of Counseling, St. Basil Academy