Dr. Pace Test Prep/Learning Skills

Learning Skills Program
for 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th Grade Students
and their Parents!

This Learning Skills program seamlessly interweaves essential learning tools from psychology and spirituality and directly applies them to Math, Reading, Essays, and Grammar. Dr. Pace truly educates the whole person by offering effective seminars that deliver both academic excellence and a personally meaningful, productive approach to learning.

Special focus in this workshop includes:

Student reviews about Dr. Pace’s new Learning Skills program include:

"This program opened up new ways of learning. It changed my views about my ability to learn, helped me find my best way to study, and helped me want to study!"

Parent reviews about Dr. Pace’s new Learning Skills program include:

"Olivia is in 6th grade at St. Catherine of Siena School, Horsham. Since Olivia began Slaying the Dragons of Standardized Tests she has been trying to make better food choices and she has used the posture for focus before recent tests. She has brought home a 100% in Science, a 97% in Geography, and a 98% in Religion."- Mr. Larry Bozzomo, Detective Sergeant, Horsham Township Police Department

"Your Learning Skills program will be helpful for us to have had the experience together so that I can guide Olivia through her self-discovery. I truly feel it has boosted her confidence."
- Mrs. Kelly Bozzomo, Gifted Support Teacher Hatboro-Horsham School District

Current Schedule and Registration Information

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