Dr Pace Test Flash Cards


Not your average vocabulary flash cards!

Dr. Pace’s Vocabulary Flash Cards go beyond definitions by connecting words to the deeper concepts common in all critical thinking, reading comprehension, and essay writing. Therefore, Dr. Pace recommends her vocabulary cards to anyone looking for word definitions plus the connection of those words to the building blocks of intelligence. Dr. Pace's Vocabulary Flash Cards help students:

  • Sharpen Critical Thinking
  • Improve Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing
  • Attain Personal Best Performance on Standardized Tests

Vocaublary Flash Cards

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186 Math Flash Cards designed to help students memorize the information essential to all math problem-solving on standardized tests:

  • Accelerate Problem-Solving Speed
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Boost Scores

Dr. Pace created MATH Flash Cards to help her students increase their speed and accuracy in solving math problems, especially on High School Entrance and Scholarship Tests. These flash cards are now available to all students.

flash card

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New product! These cards contain the essence of Dr. Pace’s effective classroom approach to grammar. These cards promote:

  • Common Rules of Grammar, Usage, Punctuation, and Sentence Construction
  • Practice Sentences
  • Applications for Improving Critical Reading Skills
  • Applications for Improving Writing Skills

Grammar Flash Cards

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