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Dr. Pace's CD: Tests, Learning, Talent: Slaying Dragons
Dr. Pace's CD:
Tests, Learning, Talent: Slaying Dragons

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Tests, Learning, Talent:
Slaying Dragons

Dr. Patricia Sisca Pace is the only experienced seminar leader to develop highly successful holistic programs that integrate spiritual direction with test-prep and that bring a retreat approach to learning. Now Dr. Pace offers some of these techniques on a CD so that her busy students can replay them in the comfort of their homes, at a time convenient for them and their families!

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In Tests, Learning, Talent: Slaying Dragons, Dr. Pace broadens her successful, holistic approach to test-prep to include all tests and all test-takers who are interested in performing at their personal best and who would like more confidence in their talents. 

Dr. Pace created this 35-minute CD especially for those of her students (and their families!) who have taken her holistic test-prep programs, Slaying the Dragons of Standardized Tests and/or the SAT® Retreat. The material in this concise audio program is meant to serve as a good reminder of many of the simple yet powerful emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical techniques they learned in her seminars. 

For any person who has not taken Dr. Pace's holistic test-prep retreats, Tests, Learning, Talent: Slaying Dragons is a good introduction to her methods. For a more comprehensive preparation, take Dr. Pace's programs, which include academic problems. See her current class schedule.

As a seasoned spiritual/retreat director, Dr. Pace realizes that many techniques used in spiritual direction are ideally suited for test-takers. When practiced over time, they help learners deal with the internal and external 'dragons' that threaten personal best performance not only on high-stakes tests but also in the ongoing development of talent. Learners can listen to this CD throughout their lives so that Slaying the Dragons CD they will be ready to face the many tests that life will undoubtedly present. 

Dr. Pace supports "green packaging" of CDs with her choice of the environmentally friendly eco-wallet!

Dr. Pace's students/families have this to say about the life-long benefits of her holistic programs:

Emily"The week before my entrance exam for Nazareth Academy High School, I was very anxious and worried about these so-called “dragons” of the test. When I started to feel negative about the test. I knew that I had to listen to your CD. “Slaying Dragons” by Dr. Patricia Sisca Pace. Every single night I laid in bed, listening to your reassuring words, and that is when I realized that I was going to do fantastic on the test! My mom and I followed the diet plan that we discussed in your program for the whole week, and I felt a major improvement in my feelings, my ability to concentrate, and even my knowledge! I was amazed at how my negative feelings or my dragons were destroyed in just a matter of time! The night before the test I knew that I was going to have to slay some dragons, but I knew that if I got enough rest and I listened to your CD I would be fine!

Well let me just tell you, the night before my test was the best night of sleep I have ever had! When I woke up, I felt so relaxed and refreshed that I could go run a marathon, or take a test! My mom was surprised to see me so relaxed, and so was I! I finished each section of my test within the time allotted, and I checked all of my answers. By the end of the test, I knew that I did well and was going to become a NAHS panda! That is why. I am writing to you today, to thank you for your guidance and words of wisdom on slaying the dragons of entrance exams! Your successful student, -Emily Sokolowski. - Nazareth Academy Grade School Nazareth Academy High School, class of 2016 Emily took both the HSPT and the Dragon Slayer programs.

"I learned a lot from Dr. Pace that can be applied not only to my child's life but also to my own. We all have dragons, and Dr. Pace helped me to understand how to slay them more effectively." - Mrs. Jennifer Binczewski + Olivia

"Dr. Pace charters new territory in test preparation. Helping your child identify some of the "emotional dragons" preventing personal best achievement is invaluable. This holistic approach has application in all aspects of life and it was particularly helpful to share the experience with my son. Thank you Dr. Pace."
- Mrs. Sheila Amrhein + Michael 

"I found Dr. Pace's seminar extremely interesting, and I feel it will be helpful to my daughter. It is appropriate for students of all academic levels. Everyone can gain something from Slaying the Dragons of Standardized Tests." - Mrs. Kathy McGarrity + Megan

"Dr. Pace's SAT Retreat program, with its encouragement of an all-around healthy lifestyle, teaches through life lessons, lessons that will get you through not only the SAT but also through a handful of situations. The retreat helped me realize what to expect of myself mentally and how to prepare myself physically and emotionally. It taught me essential tactics that will undoubtedly help me with future problem-solving." - Mary Kate Gasiewski, Nazareth Academy, class of 2010

"I think that this holistic approach is needed and could help anyone do better on PSATs and SATs. It is also very helpful and useful in everyday situations, not just for test-taking. Specific benefits I received include learning to block out the negatives and keep the positives, relax, believe in myself, and stay focused."
- Samantha Graham, Nazareth Academy, class of 2009